Answering A Name Change Request

Why Did I Get This Request?

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When a recipient wants to change the name on record with their credential, they submit a name change request. Accredible will prevent simple support requests from reaching you by approving minor changes to a name. For instance, if name change request adds a missing letter to the recipient's name, we are relatively confident that the name change is just a minor misspelling and we approve the change. However, If the student requests a name change that affects more than a few letters, we are not sure if they are trying to change the identity of the recipient so that it seems that someone else completed your course - this is why we ask you. In the example above, Jordan Smith could be John Smith's preferred nickname, or it could be an entirely different person.

Sometimes, you have more than one name on file for a certificate recipient - a middle name, or have someone who registered on behalf of the person who actually took the course. In these cases, we at Accredible don't know if this name truly belongs to the certificate recipient.

What Do I Do With a Request?

In order to maintain the integrity of your certification program, you do not want to approve name changes you are not reasonable certain about. This could lead to switching the name on certificates, leading viewers to believe that other people possess your credentials when they have not been earned.

If the name change makes sense according to your records, click the 'Approve' button in your email, and we will notify the recipient their name change has been successful, updating both your records, and the recipient's certificate.

If the name change does not make sense to you, click the 'Deny' button to prevent name-switching amongst certificate recipients and keep credibility high. If the student contacts us after having their request denied, we will liaise with you to help figure out if the student is making a legitimate request for a name change.

Why Was One of Our Records Changed?

We changed a recipient's name to save you time and work, and we notify you so that you are aware of the change, and can update your records.

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Why we changed it:

We only approve name change requests that affect a couple of letters of a name. This reduces the number of name change requests you would need to respond to manually in the case of minor typos. Name change requests which would change 3 or more characters will still require that you approve them manually, ensuring you have final control over credential fraud.

If you think we've made an error:

Navigate to the credential record on the dashboard and edit the name field to match the original entry.