Resolving and Avoiding Duplicate Emails in Campaigns

The Email Campaigns feature is available on our Growth and Connect Plans only

Alongside Email Campaigns, your Accredible account is set up to send certain default emails [like when a credential is created, it is delivered to its owner by a standard email]. The campaign builder will warn you if you are making a campaign that copies what these default emails already do. This is to help avoid scenarios where recipients receive identical emails [causing unnecessary over-communication] or two emails at the same time [diluting the desired call to action

For now, we recommend avoiding triggers which replicate what the system default emails do, and use Campaigns to create additional custom contact points with your learners

image (2)

To resolve this, consider adjusting the timing of the email campaign to ensure they do not overlap with the default Accredible emails.

Note: while the Campaigns Builder will not prevent you from sending duplicate emails to recipients, spacing time between individual emails will help maximize engagement and create a better recipient experience.