Can Accredible Customer Support Help Me with My Integration?

At Accredible Customer Support we are limited in the advice we can give regarding integrations.

What We Can and Can't Offer

As specialists in the Accredible product our Customer Support team is unable to provide extensive advise or guidance regarding other products such as Zapier, Canvas and Moodle. This includes integration setup and troubleshooting with these products.

If you are experiencing an issue with an integration, write to us at If the problem is stemming from the Accredible product, then we can help. If the problem isn't emanating from Accredible we can check our side of the integration to be sure and help you zero-in on what the problem might be else-where.

Integration Consultation

We are able to offer an integration consultation. However, because this requires one-to-one assistance from one of our developers, this is a premium service.

If you would like to enquire about about an integration consultation with one of our developers, let us know at

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