Can I Change my Plan Size?

If you need to upgrade the size of your plan, here is the information you need to know.

Upgrading Your Plan

You can upgrade your monthly plan to receive more recipients at any time.

  • When upgrading, your annual renewal date will change to the start of your new plan.
  • The date of your monthly payment will remain the same. When your next payment date arrives, you will be charged for the additional time of your new plan for the previous month and reimbursed for the time unused from our old plan. This is then charged on top of your payment for the coming month.

Issuer A is on the Small-Lite Plan.
The payment date for Issuer A's account is the 30th of every month. Issuer A runs out of credits for the year early and decides the upgrade their account early to a Growth Plan to increase their credit allowance in the future. They upgrade the account immediately, which happens to be the 15th of that current month.

  • Issuer A receives the additional 2000 credits for their new Growth Plan immediately and can continue issuing.
    Issuer A's new renewal date is 12 months from the day they purchased their new Growth Plan.
  • Issuer A is not charged additional money on the 15th.
  • When Issuer A's payment date comes around, they will be charged $200.
    • - $160 to pay for the upcoming month on their new Growth Plan
    • - $80 for 50% of the previous month that was spent on the new Growth Plan
    • + $40 for 50% of the previous month that was unused on the Small Plan

Downgrading Your Plan

If you are part way through your subscription, downgrades are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact so that we can assess your account's eligibility for a downgrade and migrate you to a smaller plan if required. Because the number of recipients you can issue per year varies from plan to plan, we need to confirm that downgrading won't cause you to pay more than expected. Keep in mind that you may also lose access to some of the premium features included in your current plan by downgrading.

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