Can I Turn On/Off Emails Being Sent From Accredible to My Recipients?

If you do not want your recipients to receive emails from Accredible's system you can turn off email notifications.

You may want to disable email notifications if:

  • You have integration with another platform that already sends emails to recipients.
  • You feel that your recipients don't need reminding about their credentials (even if they ignore the link to the credential view in their emails).

Important Things to Know Beforehand

  • If you publish new credentials from a group with the email notifications turned off, the initial email with a recipient's link to their credential will not be sent. They will be unaware that their credential has been published and will not have access to said credential.
  • Turning email notifications for a group will affect all notifications for that group. This includes credential delivery, as well as notification emails and name change request notifications.
  • You can turn off specific email types in your General Email Settings. However, this will apply account-wide.  

How to Turn On/Off Email Notifications for a Group

  1. Go to 'Groups' at the top of the Accredible Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the group that you would like to turn email notifications off and click on 'Group Settings.'
  3. In the left-hand sidebar menu, click on 'General Settings.'
  4. Scroll down to the 'Emails - On/Off' and check/uncheck the box called ' Send email notifications for this group.'
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and save.

How to Disable Specific Email Types

1. Go to 'Emails' at the top of the Accredible Dashboard.
2. Navigate to 'Enable/Disable Email Types' on the 'General Settings' page
3. Untick the types of emails you do not which your recipients to receive: 

  • Credential Delivery Emails - Send emails to the recipient of a credential (Badge, Certificate, or both).
  • Reminder Emails - Send a reminder to credential recipients that haven't opened their credentials within 1 week of issuance.
  • Expiry Warning Emails - Warns a credential recipient before their credential is set to expire.
  • Expiry Notification Emails - Notifies a credential recipient once their credential has expired.
  • Credential Renewed Emails - Notifies a credential recipient when their credential has been renewed. Only available if a template of this type has been created.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Changes made here will apply to all credentials issued. 

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