Change Email Addresses Visible In Emails To My Recipients

Customizing the email addresses visible to your recipients

Accredible lets you change the email that appears as the sender of emails to your recipients, and the email that replies will go to.

You will need to first log in to your account, then go to the Emails tab at the top of your account dashboard.

Outbound Settings

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When a recipient gets their credential from Accredible, it will appear to be from an accredible email address You are able to change this to an email address at your organization to help increase email deliverability and white label the experience

If you add a custom From Email, you will need to verify you own that email address. You will receive this verification email from Amazon SES.

Changing the From email

1) Enter the email you would like to use in the "Send from this address" and then hit save.

2) Head to that inbox for that email address - you will have received (or will soon receive) an email from Amazon SES.

3) Click the link in that message to verify your address. 

Support Settings

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When a recipient gets their credential from Accredible, they may want to respond to the email with questions. You can change the reply-to email so that these replies will go to an account of your choosing. By default, all replies will go to

Changing the Reply-to email

1) Enter the email you would like to use in the 'Reply-to Email' box. Please verify that this email is spelled correctly since it will receive emails from your recipients.

2) Save your changes. save.

General Contact

You can designate the email address for your general contact here as well. This contact will receive all general inquiries, account communication and updates from Accredible. If you choose to not provide a support contact email address, this email will also receive support inquires.