Collections Analytics

As of June 2023, we have released new analytics pages for Collections, which allow you to see aggregate reports for the entire collection by making a single selection. This article walks through the functionality of these reports.

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 9.28.01 AM

To see Collection level analytics, begin typing in the name of the Collection in the collection selection box. Accredible will auto-fill the name of the collection as you type it in the selection box. Once selected, the respective analytics page will show aggregate analytics for the collection of groups you have. For example, if you have 10 groups in a collection, the metrics you will see will be for all 10 groups.

Collection selection is available for all pages that have Group selection:

  • Credential Engagement

  • Recipient Activity

  • Marketing ROI

  • Influencers

  • Logs

Growth Plan Collection Analytics

For those clients on Growth plans, Collection Analytics on the Credential Engagement page will include a breakdown of funnel conversion for each group in the collection. You will now be able to see the aggregate performance of the collection as well as which groups are driving conversion performance:

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 9.41.55 AM

Once you select the collection, you can see the aggregate analytics for the entire collection in the top funnel. You can choose to also view the performance for each individual group.

Each group will have basic conversion metrics, Credentials Published, Credentials Opened, and Credentials Shared & Engaged. This will allow you to see the aggregate performance of the collection as well as the performance of each individual groups within the collection - providing greater insight into which groups are driving the conversion performance.

Groups are sorted by the group with the largest count of credentials published at top. If you have a large number of groups in your collection, you can select View More and the page will load additional groups.