Creating Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns can help you increase learner engagement and amplify your brand. In this article, we will walk through the core flow of creating a campaign.

This feature is available on our Growth and Connect Plans only


  1. Every Email Campaign needs to send an Email Template. Start by creating a Template to send to your audience. From Emails in your Accredible dashboard, click on Email Templates and create a custom email template for your use case.

    Note: Only custom email templates (ie. ones that you create) can be used by campaigns. The default email templates created by Accredible can not be used. Any ‘type’ of email template can be used by any Email Campaign


  2. Navigate to the Email Campaigns page and click on the purple Create Campaign button:
    campaigns screen create

  3. Fill in general information for your campaign.
    Note: Campaign Goal is used for internal filtering and to help align to outcomes.
    Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 13.25.35

  4. Begin building the campaign. You can set the Audience, Trigger, and Template in any order:

    Define the audience for the campaign to specify which recipients will receive this email. The audience can be filtered by Group, Collection, and Engagement Status
    Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 13.25.17

    Define the trigger for the campaign to specify the timing for when we evaluate which credentials match the audience criteria and send the email. Timing can be set for Before, Immediately, or After an event (ie, Credential is published, renewed, or expired) for a custom period of days, weeks, or months.

    Select the custom template you wish to send when the Audience and Trigger conditions are met


    Note: The Campaigns Builder may warn you of potential duplicates based on the criteria you have selected. For more information about this warning and how to resolve, please click here

  5. Save your completed campaign by clicking the purple Save button in the top corner:
    image-20240213-220438 (1)

  6. Activate the campaign when you are ready for it to start running. You can activate a campaign from the campaign builder view, the campaigns list, or the campaign details page. As activating a campaign will start sending emails, this confirmation is required.

Scheduled campaign jobs run once a day at 16:00 UTC for US Servers (8am in PST) and 9:00 UTC for EU Servers (9am in GMT).

Viewing/Editing Existing Campaigns

The Campaigns list shows all of your created Email Campaigns, and can be filtered to show campaigns that are currently ‘Active’. Only ‘Active’ campaigns will actively send emails. ‘Active’ campaigns can be deactivated at any time.