Data Privacy & Right To Be Forgotten

Data Privacy & Right To Be Forgotten

Accredible takes data privacy very seriously. We're handling your personal data and recognize that it needs to be protected and that you have a right to view and remove your data.

Does Accredible Sell My Data To Third Parties?

Accredible doesn't sell your data to any party. We work with a small number of third parties that we need to provide our services. They do things like host our databases (Amazon Web Services), provide data backup hosting (Google Cloud) and power our support desk (Zendesk).

We have contractual agreements in place with each of these suppliers that:

  • Ensures they're not allowed to use or pass your data to other parties.
  • They properly secure your data.

What Does Accredible Do To Protect My Personal Data?

Accredible does a lot to ensure that we secure and limit access to your data:

  • Our data is stored at a secure tier 3 SOC 2-certified data center.
  • Accredible employes a role-based access control framework that ensures access
    to data is only provided to employees where their job responsibilities necessitate
    such access. We conduct annual audits to ensure compliance with our access
    control policies. Any breaches or inconsistencies are documented, investigated and
    remediated according to a standard procedure.
  • Accredible’s security and data privacy controls, software, infrastructure and systems
    are audited both internally and independently (externally) on an annual basis.
  • We regularly undergo penetration tests and enforce a framework and set of policies which help ensure that we’re compliant with security and privacy standards.
  • We have contractual agreements in place with every supplier ensuring that they provide the same standard of protection.

Can I Remove My Data From Accredible?

Absolutely! Even before the EU begins to enforce the GDPR with the right to be forgotten we've been processing requests to take ownership of your data.

If at any time you'd like us to remove the data that we have about you please submit a request to and we'll get back to you within 5 working days (but usually the next day). We won't be able to provide you with any certificates or badges once your data is removed and we'll let the issuer who provided your data know that you've requested that it be removed.