What Are Email Campaigns?

Increase learner engagement and amplify your brand through targeted and strategic email campaigns.

This feature is available on our Growth and Connect Plans only

Email Campaigns empower you to take control of your Learner interactions. Create tailored, automated email campaigns that engage learners and increase credential sharing — helping generate brand awareness and program referrals. Use learner engagement data to easily create triggered messages like credential-sharing reminders, re-enrollment incentives, or renewal notices — while also tracking, analyzing, and optimizing your campaign performance. Email Campaigns add value to:

  • Program Growth Acceleration: Engaging the right recipients at the right time improves credential usage, share rates, and organic brand exposure, driving referral traffic and attracting more learners.
  • Learner Satisfaction: Learners benefit from a more positive and tailored experience, leading to increased satisfaction and continued engagement leading to more upsell and expansion opportunities.
  • Referral Traffic Generation: Engaged learners become brand ambassadors, creating a powerful network effect that generates referral traffic and leads.

How it works

With Email Campaigns, you can craft automated campaigns by combining three key elements:

1. Email Template: Create your own custom email template for each campaign (ie, an engagement reminder)

2. Audience: Define an audience based on credential status or engagement events (ie, all credentials which have not yet been shared)

3. Trigger: Specify the events or timeline which specify when these emails should be sent (ie, 2 weeks after a credential is published)

Here is an example of an Email Campaign which will send a reminder 2 weeks after a credential is published to any recipients who have not engaged with their credential:


Email Campaigns analytics allow you to gain insights into campaign performance with simple and advanced analytics.

Connect Plan: For all campaigns you create, track:

  • Email Sends
  • Open Rates
  • Click Rates
  • Bounces (when they occur)

Growth Plan: In addition to the above standard analytics, visualize your users’ engagement rate over time, and further gauge the impact of your campaigns:

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 8.41.35 AM

More Information About Email Campaigns