How to Troubleshoot Email Delivery Problems

If there is an issue with email delivery to your recipients, the information below can help you to troubleshoot them.


We use SendGrid for email delivery, SendGrid sets the return path on any email that's delivered to your recipients to match our domain. This means that DKIM and SPF setup shouldn't be necessary and most mail clients will be transparent about the sender and include something like 'via Accredible' in the From field.


If you are having with troubles with your recipients receiving your credential emails from our system, the first port of call should be your IT team. Otherwise, advise your recipients to whitelist our email sender information using the following information.

Default email sender:

IPs that email may be delivered from: and

SPF record: 

Useful Information

SPF stands for  Sender Policy Framework, it's is an authentication technique used to prevent spammers from sending emails on behalf of your domain.

DKIM is a protocol that allows an organization to take responsibility for transmitting a message in a way that can be verified by mailbox providers. This verification is made possible through cryptographic authentication.

Bounced Emails

For more information regarding bounced emails, check out our article here:Why Did the Email to my Recipient Bounce?

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