Group Settings - General Settings

How to tune up your group's general settings.

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Reference Tags

Add tags to help you identify groups that have common factors. When using searches or filters you can then use tag names to isolate groups of a similar. If you want to; tags also give you the ability restrict permissions for team members based on tags. For an example: you can limit one of your team members to only have access to groups with a certain tag. - To find out more about Team Member Permissions click here.



Change the default language that your outbound emails appear in. Currently Accredible have 19 languages available to choose from.


When the credential language is set to automatic the credential view will interact with the internet browser settings of the person viewing the credential. So if the viewer's primary language is set to Spanish on their browser, the credential view will automatically change to Spanish.

Expiration Period

If this group's credentials expires, it's important to set an expiration period. Use the drop down menu here to select how long the credentials for this group should be valid for. Make sure you have the attribute [credential.expired_on] on the certificate design for this group.

When publishing credentials the system then takes the issue date, uses the expiry period you set here to work out the expiry date, then automatically populates the [credential.expired_on] attribute on the certificate with that expiry date! You can manually change the Expiry Date of a credential at any point after issuing.

Allow Duplicates

Normally, when issuing credentials it's important to try and prevent duplicates. Most users don't want one of their recipients to receive the same credential more than once. That's why our system will always issue a warning during the publishing process if it thinks you might be creating a duplicate. Note: the system tracks your recipients' email addresses to work out if you are creating duplicates, not by name.

However, in some cases an issuer may want to be able to issue the same credential to the same person more than once. In which case you can activate that ability here by checking the 'Allow Duplicates' function.


Attach a PDF

As well as including a link to the credential view of their certificates, you can also include a PDF version of the certificate directly to your recipient's emails.

Do keep in mind through, that including a PDF copy of a digital credential may deter your recipients from viewing the credential and interacting with other options like adding it to their LinkedIn profiles. This setting is only recommended if you think that your recipients will have difficulty navigating to and using their digital credential.

Emails On/Off

If you feel that the recipients of the credentials within this particular group don't need reminding about their credential, even if they ignore the link to the credential view in their emails, you can deactivate email notifications for this group by unchecking the box in this section.

LinkedIn Certification

If your recipients add their credentials to LinkedIn, this part of the group settings will help tell LinkedIn's system whether this group of credentials were issued by a company or association, or by an education system like a university or school. Click whichever selection is accurate for this group.