Group Settings - Visibility and Marketing

Need to adjust who can see what about your particular group? Here's how you do that.


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Privacy - Default

When you publish credentials from this group, you have the choice of allowing them to be readily visible to the recipient and anyone who has access to the credential view.

Alternatively, you can opt to have these credentials be set to private by default. That means that when the recipient clicks on the link they receive by email, they will be able to openly view their credential once. After the navigate away from the credential view and come back to it, the credential will no longer be able to be viewed until the recipient has signed into the system. There will be prompts on the screen asking them to do so. After logging into their private credential, the recipient then has full control over the privacy settings of their credential, meaning they can make their credential public if they wish.


Search Engines

By unchecking the box in this section, the credentials issued in this group will no longer be visible in Google Searches or any other search engine result. Please bear in mind that it may take a few hours for this change in visibility to take effect.

Issuer Page

There may be a reason to hide a credential from your Issuer Page; maybe you use one of your groups for testing! In which case, use this setting here to switch off the visibility of this group to hide it from your Issuer Page.


CourseFinder is a public recommendation engine that helps students discover new courses and certifications. If there is a reason you would prefer the credentials from this group to not be visible on CourseFinder, then you can hide them by unchecking the box in this section.


Is there something you'd like to say to the recipients of this group on the credential view but don't necessarily want it on the credential or supplied as evidence? You can add this message here. Maybe it's a call to action to take another course or a reminder of what they need to do next with their credential.