I Haven't Received My Credential

If you are waiting for your digital certificate of badge to arrive, you can check a couple of places.

Check Your Spam/Junk Inbox or Security Software

We know! This is the oldest piece of advice in email history, but it is always worth pointing out. Your credential email may have accidentally ended up in your junk inbox, so if you haven't already, we recommend looking in there to be sure.

Log In to Credential.Net

If you know the email address that your credential is going to be sent to (this will be the email address you signed up for your course with), then you can try logging into the system that houses all of the digital certificates we issue:

  1. Go to credential.net
  2. Click on 'Sign In' at the top right-hand corner of the webpage
  3. Use the 'forgot your password' function to set a new password, using the email address you believe your credential has been issued to.
  4.  If there are credentials on our system attached to the email address you have provided, you will be able to set yourself a password and sign in to see them. If the system does not recognize your email address, we do not have any credentials attached to the email address.

Use our Retrieve Credential Tool

If you have a corporate or educational email address, your credential delivery email may have been blocked or filtered on its way to you.

In order to fetch your credential, you can use our handy Retrieve Credentials Tool. By entering in your email address, a list of all the credentials issued to you via Accredible will be sent to your email inbox for you to access immediately. 
We have found that the Retrieve Tool often bypasses the same delivery problems as normal credential emails, and you can use it whenever you need it in order to retrieve the unique URLs for your credentials.
A quick note, the email address you enter into the retrieve tool should be the same as the one you signed up for your course with, as this is likely the email address your credential is published under.

Contact Your Issuer

If you do not know your email or cannot see the email address you registered your credential with, you will need to contact your issuer/course provider directly to discuss the nature of the delay.

Important Note: Accredible only hosts credentials on behalf of your certificate provider. We do not send credentials unless your issuer has already published the credentials. 

If you are having trouble getting in contact with your issuer, email us at customer support, and we will endeavor to put you in touch with them using the contact information we have for them.

I Received My Credential, but I've Lost the Link to It

If you need to retrieve credentials that have already been issued to your, you can do so by following our article here: I've lost my Certificate/Badge.

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