Haven't Received Your Credential?

Haven't Received Your Credential?

If you have not received your credential (a certificate or badge), here are a couple recommendations that we suggest before contacting support. 

1. Sign up to credential.net with your email address. (Try and make sure it is the same email address that you used to register with for your course)

2. If you do not know your email or cannot see the email address that you registered your credential with, then you will need to contact your issuer/course provider directly. 

Note: We only host credentials on behalf of your certificate provider. We do not send credentials unless your issuer has already published the credentials. 

If you simply lost your credential link, then you can contact our customer support team by providing the following information:

1. Your full name registered on the credential.

2. Your email address that you registered with for the course.

3. Who you took your course with (issuer/course provider).