How are Credentials Issued Through the Canvas Integration with Accredible?

Once you have the Accredible app installed, it's time to start issuing credentials!

If you have not yet set up the Canvas integration with Accredible yet, here is our guide to getting you up and running: Set up the Canvas Integration with Accredible


Creating a Certificate or Badge
Completion Criteria
How Will My Students Recieve their Credential?
Do My Students Need to Leave Canvas?

Creating a Certificate or Badge 

Now the app is installed, you are ready to add a badge or certificate to a Canvas course:

  1. Navigate to the course you wish to issue a credential for.
  2. Click ‘+’ under your chosen module to add a new item.
  3. Select ‘External Tool’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click ‘Accredible’ to auto-populate the fields.
  5. The 'Load in a new tab' option should be:

    a) ticked if you are an issuer on the EU Server
    b) unticked if you are an issuer on the US Server

    Ticking this option means you will be prompted to load Accredible in a new window when accessing Accredible from within Canvas. This is due to EU privacy restrictions. 

  6. Click 'Add item'. 
  7. Click on the newly created Accredible item in the course.
  8. Select Manage Certificate Design or Manage Badge Design to choose which design you’d like to use.
  9. Name the Group in Accredible to give your badge or certificate a name.


  • Which server you are on is not related to your geographical location. If you are unsure if you are based on the US or EU server, please contact
  • You’ll need to create or select a certificate or badge design before sending a credential for a course.
  • Credentials will be unapproved when the data is first transferred to Accredible because we don't have a certificate design or badge design for the groups that Canvas created. Once you've assigned a design to a group, new credentials will be automatically published.

Completion Criteria

You can define completion criteria for a certificate or badge by changing your course module settings in Canvas. The Accredible item you add is only accessible to students who complete the required steps. 

How Will My Students Recieve their Credential? 

If a student meets the requirements you have set, all they need to do to gain their credential is click the Accredible module item and a credential will be generated:


When the credential is generated your recipients will receive a credential delivery email unless you chose to disable emails for the group. View this article for instructions on how to do this: Can I Turn Off Emails Being Sent to Recipients

Do My Students Need to Leave Canvas?

The credential view is embedded within Canvas, so there is no need for your students to leave their Canvas instance! However, they can access if they wish, by clicking the 'Accredible' placement on the left-hand side menu. 

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