How are Credentials Issued Through the Thinkific Integration with Accredible?

Once you have your Thinkific account integrated with Accredible, it's time to automatically issue credentials!

If you have not yet set up the Thinkific integration with Accredible yet, here is our guide to get you up and running: How Do I Setup the Thinkific Integration with Accredible?


How Credentials are Issued to Students

Once a student completes the course, the certificate will be automatically generated. Your student will need to click 'Get Your Certificate' to view it. They will see this in both the course completion popup and on the top left of the Course Player sidebar.

Alternatively, they can access it by going to My Account > Certificates when they are logged in to Thinkific.


Clicking either one of these placements will take them to the credential at

To check which students haven't generated their certificates, you can compare who has received a certificate in Accredible (meaning they clicked on the 'Get Your Certificate' button) and compare that with a progress report of your students who have 100% completion in the course from Thinkific. 

Please note that students will need to use the 'Complete & Continue' button at the bottom of the course to mark their course as 100% complete.  After doing so they will be able to click the 'Get Your Certificate' button. 


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