How Can I Organize My Groups Better?

If you have a large number of groups and have a hard time keeping track of them, here are some suggestions to keep track of them.

Give Your Groups Unique Identifiers

While setting up a group, you would have had to give it an Identifier. Sometimes issuers give their group the same identifier as their display name, but as the number of groups increases, this can cause major confusion and make groups harder to find.

Display Name

The information you put in the 'Display Name' field of your group settings will eventually appear on the certificate in place of the [group.course_name] attribute. This will need to denote the achievement your recipient has gained and be easily recognizable. 


If you have two groups that need to have the same display name, you will need to differentiate between the two groups. This is why there is also an 'Identifier' field in group settings. The information you place in this field won't appear on the certificate. Give your group a unique identifier so that you can find it easily in the Group Overview without mistaking it for another group with the same display name.

  • If you use course codes or an accreditation number for your groups, you can use this as the identifier to ensure that all of your credential groups on the Accredible Dashboard are kept organized.
  • Another way to differentiate between different groups might be the year they were taken in or in the name of the relevant class teacher.
  • You could even make it really clear and mention the group setting that differentiates one group from the other in the identifier, such as whether that group published credentials as private by default.

If you don't have many groups and there is a low risk of getting mixed up between them, you can keep things simple and make your identifier the same as your display name.


Add your groups into a Collection to help you identify groups that have common factors. When using searches or filters, you can then use Collection names to isolate groups of a similar nature.

  1. In 'Group Settings', click 'General Settings' from the left-hand sidebar menu.
  2. Under 'Collections,' add the collection you wish to use in the field and click '+Add.'
  3. Scroll and click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.image-20230202-022006

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