How Can I Use My Credential's Unique URL?

The Unique URL is the most valuable way you have of sharing your credential.

Locating Your Unique Credential URL

Upon viewing your credential on the Credential View page, your unique credential URL can be located within the web address bar of your web browser.

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Why the URL is Important

You can place your credential's unique URL in a large variety of places, including:

  • Social Media Profiles
  • Websites and Blogs
  • Digital Resumes
  • Email Signatures
  • Where ever you can think of!

By doing this, you can direct stakeholders, such as admissions officers, potential employers, or customers, back to your Credential View.

By directing people interested in your credential back to the Credential View, they can verify the credential's validity and see more information about what that achievement entails, and better understand how you won the achievement.

Keep it Safe

After receiving the URL to your credential, it's a good idea to record and store the URL somewhere on your computer for later reference.

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