How Do Credits Work on My Accredible Account?

Credits on Accredible are spent on recipients, not credentials. But how exactly does this work?

Accredible Credits

For other Digital credentials providers, credits equal the number of certificates or badges you can issue from your account, but that's not true at Accredible. With our credit system, we charge per Recipient of a credential, not the credential itself. This gives greater value to our credits as you can issue more credentials per year. We call these 'Recipient Seats.'


If you were to purchase our Launch - 250 Plan, you would have 250 credits on your account to use over the next 12 months.

You can then issue as many certificates and badges as you want to 250 different recipients, and you can issue credentials from all different groups as many times as you want. It will only cost you 1 credit per unique recipient to do so.

Our system tracks unique recipients by their email addresses. 

What Happens Each Year

After 12 months have elapsed, your subscription plan will renew. Your credit allowance will be reset to 250 credits, and your unique recipients will also reset. 

If you plan on issuing credentials to the same recipients over multiple years, it will cost you one credit per recipient per year. 

If a credential issued from a previous year has expired, and the expiry date/issue date is updated to renew it, this will also deduct a credit from your current credit allowance.

Credit FAQs

Do credits roll over from year to year?

Credits reset after each year. They do not rollover.

Can I purchase individual credits?

For our subscription plans, we only offer set amounts of credits per plan: Accredible Pricing Page. If you are looking to purchase a Connect, Growth, or Enterprise plan, we can provide custom credit allowances. To talk to our sales team about our plans, Contact Sales. To request a quote for Connect, Growth, or Enterprise Plans, Request a Quote.

Do duplicates credentials within a group cost extra credits?

No, so long as they are being issued to the same email address, duplicates will not cost you extra credits.

At what point are credits deducted from my account?

Credits are deducted when:

  • Credentials are published.
  • The issue date or expiry date of a credential is updated outside of the billing year that it was originally issued. This means that renewing a credential outside of the billing year that it was first published will cost an additional credit for each subsequent year you choose to update the issue or expiry date.

If I delete credentials, do I get credits back?

No, once credits have been spent on a unique recipient, they cannot be reimbursed by deleting that recipient's credentials.

Important: If the recipient does not have any other credentials issued to them within the current billing year, deleting and re-issuing their only credential will cost an additional credit.

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