How Do I Add a QR Code to My Certificates?

Hardcopy certificates used to be harder to verify. Well not anymore!

If you add a QR to your design, any stakeholder wanting to check the validity of the hardcopy certificate can scan the QR and be taken straight to the digital version.

Why Should I Add a QR Code to My Certificates?

The most valuable asset in the case of a digital credential is the verifiable link. As a result, the best thing you can do as an issuer to ensure the credibility of the PDF versions of your credentials is to make linking back to the online version of the credential as easy as possible!

If you include a QR, viewers of any hardcopy or PDF certificate can scan the code and be taken straight to the credential view where the achievement and owner can be verified.

If somebody does decide to tamper with the PDF (i.e. they change the name on the certificate) when a viewer uses the QR code to view the certificate online they will see that the credential is issued to someone else; the true owner of that achievement. The same is true if someone tries to change the course name or any other kind of detail on the certificate.

Add a QR Code to a Certificate

  1. Click on 'Designs' at the top of the Accredible Dashboard
  2. Select the certificate design you wish to add a QR Code to, and this will open the Certificate Designer
  3. Click on the QR tab in the left-hand sidebar menu of the Designer
  4. Click the Add QR Code button to drop in a generic QR Code image
  5. Drag and drop the QR Code to where ever you would like it to sit on your design, and you can even resize and change the color to better match your branding
  6. Click save on your certificate design.

When the certificates are published, the generic QR Code image will be replaced with a unique QR Code for each certificate.

If you add a QR code to a certificate design already being used in published credentials, the unique QR code will automatically be added to each credential.

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