How Do I Add Credentials to my Mobile Digital Wallet?

Accredible's badges and certificates are now available for you to verify your professional credentials on a job site or to prove your association membership right from your mobile device.

How to Add Credentials to Digital Mobile Wallet

If your credentials are Digital Wallet Pass enabled here is how to add them to your smart device's digital pass app.

Important: Your credential will need to have its privacy set to 'Public' in order to be able to use your credential in your digital mobile wallet.

  1. Using the browser app of your choice on your smart device, go to your credential view page using its unique URL.
  2. Sign in to your credential to access private features. For more information on how to do this check out our article: How to Access Hidden Options
  3. Once signed in to your credential on your smart device you will see the option to 'Add to Mobile Wallet' under your credential, click 'Preview'.

  4. You will be taken to the Wallet Pass Preview page which displays how your credential will be presented in your mobile wallet.
  5. At the bottom of the preview, Apple users will see the option to add to Apple Wallet. Android users will see the option to add to Google Pay. You must have the Apple Wallet app or Google Pay app installed on to your Apple or Android device respectively. 

  6. Follow the instructions for the wallet app you are using to complete the addition of your credential.

Using your Digital Wallet Pass Credential

Sharing and verifying your credentials on the move is now simple. 

QR Code

Present the QR code from your Digital Wallet Pass so that third-parties can scan it and be taken straight to your live credential view on


Use your Digital Wallet app's share function to provide third-parties with your credentials should they need to view and verify them.

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