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How Do I Add Evidence to My Recipient's Credentials?

As the issuer, you can add evidence to your recipients' credentials during the publishing process.

Important Note: Issuer-provided evidence must be hosted online. This can be a file inside a cloud drive, a webpage, or an online video URL. The evidence item must have a URL link. 

This does not apply to recipients adding evidence from their credential view, as they can upload documents from their computer if they wish.

Including Evidence

Giving further context to learning is one of the great things about digital credentials. As the issuer, you can provide further information alongside your recipients' certificates to make their digital credentials even more valuable.

Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 15.58.59

Using a Spreadsheet

Add evidence using the spreadsheet publishing method. For more information on how to publish credentials by uploading your recipients' data spreadsheet, here is our article: Publish Credentials via Spreadsheet.

If you have already created your credentials and need to update them to include an evidence item, please review this article: How Do I Mass Update Multiple Credentials In One Group?

Good to know: Currently, issuers can upload a maximum of 3 evidence items for each of their recipients.

  1. In the spreadsheet, you will upload to Accredible to publish/update the credentials and add two columns for each evidence item you are going to include.
  2. Title the first column of your evidence 'Evidence Description'
  3. In this column, add a description of the evidence you are providing for each recipient
  4. Title the second column of your evidence 'Evidence URL'
  5. In this column, add the URL the navigates to the relevant evidence item for each recipient. This URL can navigate to a file inside a cloud drive, a webpage, or an online video URL. The item in this column must be a URL.
    Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 16.14.48
  6. Upload your spreadsheet to Accredible to publish/update the credentials.

  7. Assign your evidence data columns to the correct attribute:

    Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 16.44.16

  8. Continue the rest of the issuing process as normal.
  9. After publishing/updating these credentials, the evidence you have provided will appear underneath the credential view.

Good to Know: Don't worry about using evidence attributes 'Category,' 'Insight' and 'Hidden,' or the Reference attributes.

Using Accredible's API

Evidence can also be added easily using our API. Click here for information.

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