How Do I Brand My Issuer Page?

Make sure that your Issuer Page features your branding.

What is the Issuer Page?

The issuer page is a public page that gives information about your department and shows all of your publicly visible certifications.

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Navigate to the Department Branding Settings

  1. Go to the Main Menu by clicking on your name at the top right-hand corner of the Accredible Dashboard, and then click 'Settings.'
  2. In the left-hand sidebar menu, click on 'Issuer Page.'

Branding Your Issuer Page

You have two options for customizing your Issuer Page.

Banner Image

Upload a banner image to sit along the top of your Issuer Page. The recommended image size for the banner is 1920 x 300 pixels.


Include a description about your organization to educate viewers of the page about what you provide as a credential issuer.

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