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How Do I Change the Email Address Attached to My Certificate?

The email address that is attached to your credential is important. If you want to get it changed you will need to contact your issuer.

Which Email Address is My Credential Attached To?

Your credential will be attached to the email address your credential was sent to. 

What if I Have Linked Email Addresses in My Credential Wallet?

If you have used the 'Linked Email' function in your credential wallet settings, this does not update the email address attached to your credentials. By linking emails in a credential wallet you are asking the system to show credentials belonging to two different email addresses in the same wallet.

How Do I Update the Email Address Attached to My Credential?

The only way to update the email address attached to your credential is to ask your issuer. For security and fraud reasons you issuer must verify that it is in fact you, the owner of the credential, who is making the request. 

To contact your issuer directly, use the 'Contact Issuer' option on your credential view. For information on this option, check out this article: How to Contact your Issuer

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