How Do I Create a Collection?

How to create a collection of your credentials to get insight on the connections between them.

What is a collection?

You can use a collection to visualize drop-off rates between the credential groups on your Accredible dashboard you choose. In the near future, this credential collection will also appear on your credential view to encourage learners to complete the full collection of credentials.

How do I make a collection?

On the 'Collections' page of your dashboard, you will have a button to 'Create collection'. This will bring up a settings window like the screenshot below:

At the top of the screen, you will need to enter a 'Name' and 'Description' for your collection to differentiate it, but also to explain it when it is publicly visible.

Next, you can select and re-order the groups you want to include in your collection by clicking on them in the left hand sidebar and dragging and dropping them into your desired order in the main panel.

Once you are done, you can 'Save and Close'.

What now?

As soon as your collection is saved, you can:

  • View how learners progress through a collection (to identify drop-off points)
  • See how popular different combinations of credentials are most popular for learners (to identify up-sell or engagement opportunities)
  • See how skills are accumulated throughout the collection

At any time, you can edit the order of groups in your collection to see how the ordering impacts drop-offs and completion rates.