How Do I Customize How People Interact with Credentials? (My Recipients' Experience)

Accredible gives recipients and credential viewers a number of different ways to interact with their credentials, but you as the issuer can manage or disable these completely.


Important Note: This feature is only available on Premium Plans.

Available Interaction Options

Below is the list of options currently available on the Accredible Credential View. 'The viewer' refers to when the option is made public and can be seen by anyone, not just the recipient.

Owner only refers to recipients that are signed in that can only view hidden options.

Public refers to any viewer that can view options.

Don't show indicates that no one can view the option regardless of signed in or not.

Engagement Options

Social Media Share

This allows recipients to quickly share their credentials on various social media outlets.

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Add to LinkedIn

This allows the viewer to add the credential to the LinkedIn feed.

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Refer a Friend

Users can share a unique tracked link to your website. The clicks through each shared referral link are tracked.

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Credential Management Options

Download as PDF | Download as HQ PDF (for printing)

This allows the viewer to download a PDF or HQ PDF version of their credential.

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Download as PNG

This allows the viewer to download their badge in PNG format.

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Transcript Letter

If you have included a transcript letter for a certain group, this option will be set to Owner only. Recipients can only see this confidential information when signed in.

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Manage Credential Privacy

This allows the recipient to change the visibility of their credential to either be public or private.

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This allows the recipient to add evidence items to the credential page.

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Embed Credential

This allows viewers or recipients to embed the credential in email signatures and web pages.

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This allows users to share the credential via email.

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Name Change Requests

This allows the recipient to request a name change if there is an error in the name that appears on the certificate or badge.

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Note: We do not recommend disabling this.


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