How Do I Obtain and Use a Sandbox Account?

Looking to acquire a testing instance? Here is what you need to know.

A Sandbox Account functions exactly like a production account but uses a separate data space. This makes it the perfect testing environment. 

Please note the following: 

  • Sandbox accounts are available for customers on our Connect and Growth Plans only. 
  • Anything you do in your Sandbox account cannot be migrated to your Production account. The two instances are completely separate. 

What Can I Use a Sandbox For?

  • Anything! Whether you're looking to test a workflow, try out an integration, or preview emails, it can all be done on Sandbox.

API and Integrations: 

  • The URL used in your API requests will need to include the domain ''. 
  • You must use a separate Zapier app to connect to your Sandbox account. Please contact to be invited to this app. 

You can view our API Documentation here. Please contact if you require any assistance utilizing the API. 

Important Note: Due to restrictions imposed by Zapier the alternative app will not allow you to integrate Accredible with any platforms they as classed as 'Premium', such as Salesforce.

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