How Do I get Insights on Users in a Pathway?

As an issuer, you may want to see how many of your learners have finished the pathway, see their program status, and where you need to prompt learners for completion.

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This allows you to see a broad overview of the participation and completion of your Pathways. 

  • Total Participants: This is a distinct count of participants that have completed at least one course, or node, in the Pathway.

  • Completion: This is the distinct count of participants who have completed all the requirements of a Pathway.

  • In Progress: This is the distinct count of participants that have completed at least one course but have yet to complete all the requirements for a Pathway. 

Premium Pathways Insight

Note: This is only available through our Growth plan.

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Premium Pathways Insight will provide detailed information for each Node within the Pathway. This allows issuers to see the progress of their recipients and offers insights to improve completion percentages.


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  • Completion: This will show how many participants within the Node have met all the requirements defined by the issuer. If only partial completion, the count does not display.

  • CSV: Will export the email and name for all participants that still need to complete the Node but have completed at least one other group in the Node.

Professional Pathway Insight

If you are on a Connect Plan, you can quickly gather key data about your Professional Pathways as well as individual Pathways from the Pathways Analytics page:

If you are on a Growth Plan, you can get a quick overview of the Professional Pathway, including individual linked components of the pathway.
For additional information about a specific pathway, click “More Insights” to get details:

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