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How Can I Increase Referral Traffic?

You can direct credential viewers to pages on your website by providing referral links in your Visibility & Marketing settings. Here is how to do it.

There are three links you can provide to direct credential viewers back to your website:

  1. Sign-Up Page
    This provides a direct path for credential viewers to enrol on your course.
  2. Course Website
    This corresponds to the page on your website specifically regarding the course the credential was issued for.
  3. Issuer Website
    This is the link to your website homepage.

These links will appear below the “Verify” button and be visible to non-logged-in viewers. This will boost your referral traffic and provide a seamless experience for both viewers seeking further information and prospective course takers.

Setting up Your Links

  1. Go to the 'Groups' tab at the top of the Dashboard.
  2. Click on “Group Settings” for the group you wish to add links for.
  3. Navigate to “Visibility” on the menu on the left-hand side.
  4. Tick the checkbox to enable the links you wish to utilize.
  5. Input your URLs into the corresponding fields.
  6. Check the preview on the right-hand side of the screen to see how it will appear on the credential view.
  7. Scroll down and press save.

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