How Do I Navigate Different Departments?

Understanding how to access different Departments and navigate their individual settings can keep your account and corresponding credentials better organized.

This feature is available on our Connect and Growth Plans.

Accredible offers Issuers the ability to maintain and operate various departments under a single account. This allows you to maintain the settings for branding, recipient view, and interaction for different departments from one convenient location within your dashboard.

Find Departments

Locate the Department menu in the right-hand corner of your dashboard.

How Do I Navigate Different Departments

From the drop-down menu that appears, you can switch your dashboard to reflect another Department, or you can navigate to the Department Overview.

How Do I Navigate Different Departments 2

Underneath your Organization, you will be able to see the names of each department within that organization. This view is a quick way to have a snapshot of the department's credentials, groups, and assigned team members & administrators. For more information on adding team members and administrators, take a look at the following support articles:

How Do I Add Administrators?

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What are the benefits of managing multiple departments?

Here is a list of the main benefits of managing multiple departments:

  • Each department has a maximum amount of credentials they can issue, lining up with any internal budgeting/forecasting.

  • No single department can derail issuance in other areas of the organization because they’ve used up too many credits, easing the minds of internal stakeholders at customer organizations.

  • Credential creation does not get blocked when credits run out (however, our system won’t enable publishing until you have more credits in your allowance).

  • Admins are notified when 5% remaining of the allowance cap is reached so they can be edited or more credits can be purchased.

  • Set up API/integrations with a department-specific key so issuers can’t delete or modify data in other departments they shouldn’t have access to.

  • Ability to set up multiple integrations with different keys to keep track of access and easily provision new keys for easy management.

  • Issuers can keep their existing account-wide API or integration setups that should be able to issue into, edit data in, and retrieve data from all departments.

Department Settings

Underneath each department, you can select the Department Settings.

How Do I Navigate Different Departments 3

The left-hand menu on this page shows you the core department settings that allow you to customize the branding of your department completely. For more information on how to customize your department's branding, look at these helpful support articles below:

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