How Do I Set a Password for My Credential Wallet?

To access all available features for your credentials and any private credentials, you will need to be signed into your Credential Wallet. To do that, you will need to set a password.

What is a Credential Wallet?

When your Issuer published a their first credential to you through your email address, the Accredible system automatically created a new Credential Wallet account for that credential to live in. Every credential in our system exists inside a Credential Wallet. The only thing missing from that Credential Wallet account is a unique password, set by you.

For more information on Credential Wallets, please see our Credential Wallet FAQ Page.

If you have already set a password for you Credential Wallet and receive more credentials in the future, you do not have to set a password each time. You only need to set a password the first time. 

How Do I Set a Password?

There are three ways to set a password for your account. It is possible to access your private credentials and features without needing a password, for instance by clicking on the 'View my credential' button in your credential delivery email for the first time, or by navigating from your Issuer's portal if they have this setup with us.

No matter how you access your credentials, we always recommend setting a password so that you don't lose that access. You will always be able to sign into your credentials on

From the Credential View Page

If your Credential Wallet is missing a password, you are auto-signed in, and you are viewing one of your credentials, you will see a banner across the top of your credential prompting you to set a password.

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 13.51.45

Use the 'Set a Password' prompt to set a password for your credential account.

From your Account Settings

If you are auto-signed into your account, can also set or update your password from you Account Settings Page.

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 13.54.15

The 'Forgot Password' Page

If you are not auto-signed into your Credential Wallet account, you can set a password for you account using the Forgot Password page of

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 15.06.33

Access to Your Credentials, Forever.

Once you have set a password for your Credential Wallet, you will be able to access all of your credentials and all available features going forward, regardless of the status of your Issuer. So make sure to set a password, and keep it safe!

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