How Do I Setup and Use Default Group Settings?

Establishing Default Group Settings helps make group creation quick and easy. This article explains how.

Groups are essential for creating digital credentials, and every time you create a group you have the opportunity to customize its settings. However, if you wish all new groups to have the same settings you can set this up from within your Accredible dashboard. 

Accessing Default Group Settings

  1. Click on Groups at the top of the Accredible Dashboard.
  2. Click on Default Group Settings in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Important to Know

  • These settings will be applied to newly created groups by default.
  • Each group can override these defaults with their individual group settings.
  • Making changes here does not affect your existing groups.

What Fields Can I Set as Default?

The table below indicates what fields you can set as being the default for your newly created groups:

Info & Appearance

Display Name The name of the course or achievement the course represents.
Identifier A unique identifier to differentiate between groups.
Course Website This links the credential data record to your information about the credential on your website.
Description Information about what your credential recipients needed to do to earn this credential.
Skills The skills credential-holders needed to demonstrate (or have learned) in the process of earning this credential.
Category The group's category will be utilized in CourseFinder and in Recommendations.
Group Appearance The credential design(s) used for the group. You can choose the primary design.

General Settings

Reference Tags 

Tags are used for permission and filtering.
Language - Emails If you are using Accredible's default email templates they can be translated using this setting.
Expiration Period Used to set a period after which credentials will automatically expire.
Allow Duplicates This setting dictates whether an email address can receive more than one credential.
Emails - Attach a PDF This setting dictates whether a PDF of the credential holder's certificate is included with the email delivering their digital credential.
Emails - On/Off This determines whether or not email notifications are sent for the group.
LinkedIn Certification This determines whether the certificate is added to LinkedIn profiles as 'Education' or a 'Certification'. 


Privacy - Default Ticking this box means private credentials will only be visible to you and the owner. The credential-holder can change this setting.
Marketing - Referral Links This setting allows you to input your Sign Up Page URL, Course Website URL, and Issuer Website URL. 
Visibility - Search engines This setting allows you to hide credentials from searches on Google and other search engines.
Visibility - Issuer Page This setting allows you to choose whether or not this credentials information is visible on your public issuer page. 
Visibility - Coursefinder Whether or not you want the credentials to appear on CourseFinder, the public recommendation engine that helps students discover new courses and certifications.
Marketing - Custom Message This setting allows you to display a custom message on a credential.


Blockchain Security

Blockchain Security This setting allows you to record credentials to the Blockchain.


Advanced Settings

API Settings Thie setting allows you to indicate if the credentials are being created via API.
Transcript Letter This setting allows you to Display a transcript letter for each credential (available as a PDF), using custom attributes such as grades.

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