How Do I Setup My Directory Profile?

Are you looking to get set up on your issuer's directory of certified professionals? This article explains how.

What Is a Certified Professional Directory?

The directory provides a searchable hub of certified professionals. Think of it as a mini LinkedIn dedicated to recipients of your issuers' credentials!

Why Should I Opt-In?

Being featured in your issuer's directory is a career-defining event! By opting in you will increase the visibility of your industry expertise to hiring managers and recruiters browsing to find qualified professionals. 

You can use your profile to display:

  • Your current and historical employment information
  • If you are currently seeking employment
  • Your certifications and credential wallet
  • Your location and contact information

How Do I Opt-In?

Please follow the steps below to ensure you are included in your issuer's directory:

1. Open your credential delivery email and follow the link to your credential: 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The link in your credential delivery email will only sign you into the credential the first time it is used. Following this, you will need to sign in. Here is a link to our help article that explains how to do this: How Do I Login to My Credentials?

2. You will see a pop-up that confirms your eligibility for the directory:


3. Depending on default settings determined by your issuer, your profile may automatically be included in the directory. The bar at the top of your credential view will indicate if you are already included:  

If the message indicates your profile is not yet included, please click 'Edit My Profile': 

4. Here you will see the option to edit your profile visibility. Click 'Edit' and switch the setting from 'Hidden' to 'Visible', before selecting 'Save visibility'. 

How Do I Fill In the Directory Profile?

Follow the steps below to ensure your directory profile is complete:

1. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the credential view, followed by 'Account settings'. 

2. You will be taken to the 'Personal Information' page: 

3. Populate the 'Profile' section:

  • Change the display name for your directory profile
  • Upload a photo or avatar image that will be displayed along with your information
  • Provide your LinkedIn profile URL, and your Twitter handle to help direct prospective employers or stakeholders to your social media pages.

4. Populate the 'Details' section: 

  • Provide your location to inform prospective employers or stakeholders of where you are in the world.
  • Include a short biography for yourself to present along with your credentials. What are you looking for in your next opportunity? What are you interested in pursuing? Get creative!
  • Select your current availability to indicate to stakeholders what kind of opportunities you are currently looking for Full-time, Part-time, or contract.

 5. Populate the 'Work Experience' section: 

  • Add work experience items to your profile to present your career journey so far.

6. Select the 'Directory Profiles' option from the menu on the left-hand side. 

7. Populate the 'Additional Information' section. The fields here will vary from directory to directory. 


  • A blue progress bar will indicate the completion rate of your directory profile. However, a 100% completion rate is not required for your profile to be visible. 
  • Check out the hints provided below the bar to determine what data is missing from your profile. 

8. Once you are satisfied with the information you have inputted, click '
View my directory profile' to see your profile live in the directory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For your profile to be visible in the results of the directory search you must have at least one public eligible credential and have your profile set to publicly visible. If your only qualifying credentials are all expired, and your issuer has opted to hide expired credentials from the directory, then your profile will not be visible in directory search results.

Are You a Member of Multiple Directories?

If you have credentials from two different issuers, both of which provide access to their employment directory, be sure to set up your profile for both directories. You will be able to scroll down the 'Directory Profiles' page to see the settings for each directory. 

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