How Do I Mass Update Multiple Credentials In One or Multiple Groups?

Is there something that needs to be changed on all the credentials in a group or groups? Here is how to update them all in one go.

Important Note: If the update you are making is to the credential design, as soon as you update and save the new design, the changes will automatically be applied to all existing credentials using this design.

Select the Group that Needs Updating

Accredible allows you to update credentials for single or multiple groups to minimize administrative tasks.  You can start the process by:

  1. Select Credentials from the top menu on your Dashboard.
  2. Once on the Credentials List page, click Update Credentials.
  3. In the drop-down, choose either the Single Group or Multiple Group option. 

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 10.14.27 PM

If there is a specific Group you are needing to update, the Update Credentials option can also be accessed directly through the Groups page.
  1. Select Groups from the top Menu on your Dashboard.
  2. Once on the Groups page, hover over the Group you want to update.
  3. At the bottom right corner of the Group, click Group Settings.
  4. At the top-right corner of the page, click Update Credentials.

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 10.13.56 PM

Updating Credentials Using a Spreadsheet Upload

Because the required fields are slightly different depending on whether you create a single or multiple groups, we guide you through the steps based on whether you upload a spreadsheet for one or more groups.   

Update Credentials for a Single Group

Under Update Credentials, select For Single Group. A pop-up with a list of Groups will display. Select the Group you would like to update to.

Bulk update credentials for single group - select group

Updating Credentials for Multiple Groups

Accredible provides instant access to all the information you need with an onscreen guide when updating multiple groups.  We include a link to your credential list, the spreadsheet template designed for updating multiple groups, and access to your attribute list for reference.

Bulk update credentials for multiple groups - upload your spreadsheet (1)

Preparing Your Spreadsheet

Important Note: There needs to be a field in your spreadsheet that the system can use to compare against existing credentials.  The Accredible system uses Credential ID or Credential License ID

 Remember, you will need to assign each column to an Accredible attribute so that our system knows how to interpret the new data you are uploading.

How to Remove Information from Credentials

If you have fields on your credentials, you would like to become blank, include a header related to this field in your spreadsheet, and leave the column empty with no data. When the spreadsheet is uploaded and the correct attribute is assigned to this column, this will then remove all the original data populating that field.

Important Note: If you do not want to update a specific field using spreadsheet upload, remove the relevant column from your spreadsheet.

Important Note #2: Leaving the column empty will not remove information for the Expiry Date & Grade attributes.

Only Updating Specific Credentials within a Group

If you are only looking to update some of the credentials in a group, you only need to include those specific records on your spreadsheet. The remaining credentials will stay as they were.

Updating the Credentials

Ensure you have ready your CSV, XLS, or XLXS file with all your recipients' data. If you have many attributes on your certificate design, ensure that all the relevant information for those attributes appears on your spreadsheet, each with its column.

If you need a template for your spreadsheet, click the 'Download Spreadsheet Template' button at the top right-hand corner of the 'Create Credentials' page. 

The Accredible system will then analyze and validate your spreadsheet, looking for all the available data fields it can use.

Update Credentials for Multiple Groups
Once the spreadsheet has been validated, you must assign the columns to the correct attributes if the system can't recognize them outright. If there is a column that our system has identified that you don't want to use on your credentials, you will need to click 'Skip.'  

 You’ll see an alert above the columns if you are missing a required field.  Hover over Required Fields to see the list. Once you have assigned or skipped all of the columns, click on the 'Next' button at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

If there is information you don't think you will use on Accredible or don't align with an attribute, you can choose to 'Skip', and we will not update that information.

Reviewing Errors and Warnings

You will have to review any errors and warnings that our system detects from your spreadsheet upload:  maybe the date format you selected causes some of your credentials to be created without a valid date - you will have to go back and select a different format.  Accredible will provide you with the information you need to correct your recipient records.


These can be 'skipped,' but credentials will not be updated for any spreadsheet row with errors. If you are shown errors, you should correct the issue by updating your spreadsheet or checking to ensure you made the correct column assignments in Step 2.

An error would be:  if we can't find a matching credential in the group you are trying to update, there will be an error when we try to update that credential.

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 10.32.39 PM


Some changes you make to your spreadsheet could override data on the Accredible that is important for the recipient. If a recipient has updated their name - because of a misspelling - your records might be outdated, and you want to reverse the changes the recipient has requested. If you want to change the email address of a credential recipient, remember that they have been contacted in the previous email, so ensure that they also have access to the new email.

You must confirm that the warnings we show are OK before proceeding.  You cannot create credentials with errors.  

Bulk update credentials for single group - confirm records - credit will be deducted

Keep in mind that changing the expiry date results in more credits spent.  You will receive an alert like the one below to confirm your understanding. 


You can renew existing expired credentials by updating them with an expiry date in the future. Note that this will cost 1 credit for each renewed credential.


Once you are done, you can "Review" the credentials you have updated or go back to the credential list.

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