How Do I Include My Branding on Accredible?

Make sure that your credential pages feature your logo and direct traffic back to your main website.

Navigate to the Department Branding Settings

Go to the Main Menu by clicking on your name at the top right-hand corner of the Accredible Dashboard, and then click 'Settings.'

When opening 'Settings,' you will automatically be taken to the 'Department Branding' settings page.

Update your Branding Settings

General Branding


Add your logo here to make sure it appears on your recipient's credential view, as well as your issuer page and Coursefinder.

Recommended size: Square, at least 400 pixels per side. File type: JPG, JPEG, or PNG

Issuer Page Branding

Banner Image

Add an image here that you want to appear at the top of your issuer page. 

Recommended size: At least 1920px wide by 300px tall. File type: JPG, JPEG, or PNG

Credential List Default Order

Here you can select the order for your credentials to appear on the issuer page. There are four options:

1) Alphabetically (A to Z)

2) Alphabetically (Z to A)

3) Newest First

4) Oldest First

Social Media Branding

Custom Tweet Message

Here you can input a message to be the default text when a recipient shares any of your credentials on Twitter. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Recipients will be able to override this default message if they wish. 

SEO Settings

Page Title

The page title entered here will appear:

  • As the result title for search engine results
  • Like the page title on the browser tab for your recipient's credential views
  • As the title for social media posts
Page Description
The page description will appear in web searches

There's More...

If you would like a higher level of branding coverage for your Accredible issuing experience, we have the following branding packages available for purchase:

The Branding Package

The Premium White Labelling Package

*Departments are an additional add-on feature available for purchase.

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