How Do I View and Print My Transcript Letter?

If your issuer has provided a transcript letter along with your credential, here is how to access and print it.

Important Notes:

  • If your issuer has not provided a transcript letter, the Transcript Letter feature will not appear on your Credential  View.
  • Transcript letters are commonly hidden from public view, so you will need to sign in to your credential to view it. Here is our article on how to do this: Access Hidden Options.

Accessing Your Transcript Letter

  1. Along the bottom of the credential window, click the '...' button to see more features.
  2. From the pop-up menu, select 'Transcript Letter.'
  3. A separate window will open and display the transcript letter from your issuer.

How Do I View My Transcript Letter

Printing Your Transcript Letter

To print out a copy of your transcript letter, you will need to use the export and print functions built into your browser, or use a keyboard shortcut:

    • Windows & Linux: Ctrl + p
    • Mac: ⌘ + p

    This will open the print function page, where you will be able to choose between "Save as PDF" and printing to a device.

    Be sure to untick the 'Headers and footers' option on your browser's print function to prevent the URL, date, and other unnecessary details from being included on your download.

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