How Much Does Accredible Cost?

Depending on the number of people you are looking to issue per year, we have different plans available.

Where Can I See All Your Pricing Information?

For all the information about our pricing plans, check out our Pricing Page

Our pricing is per unique recipient rather than per certificate or badge - issue unlimited credentials to the same recipient in your annual allowance.

How Does My Allowance Work?

Your plan's allowance is the maximum number of people you can send credentials to in your billing year. Sending multiple certificates or badges to '' only counts as one credit against your allowance, provided they're sent in the same year in your billing cycle.

You don't pay any ongoing carrying fees; existing credentials never count against your allowance.

Credential Recipients

How many credentials can I issue per recipient?
You can issue as many certificates and badges to a person as you'd like within the billing period.

Do I pay for my old recipients?
No. Each plan has a limit on the number of unique recipients per year.

Do credential recipient allowances expire?
Each plan limits the number of unique people you can create a certificate or badge for per year.

Can recipients pay Accredible to receive their certificate?
No. Accredible can not be used as an e-Commerce solution to charge certificate or badge recipients in exchange for their credentials. The Credentials you send are paid out of your allowance.

Is there an ongoing fee to maintain the link for each certificate?
There are no additional costs to keep the certificate "live" after it is issued. If a certificate expires, though, and you need to re-issue a new one, that will require an additional credit.

What if I need more recipients? Can I change my plan?
Yes, you may upgrade to a larger package at any time.

Plan Details

Can I pay for a year all at once instead of the monthly amount?
All self-serve plans are billed monthly via credit card on an annual commitment. We have more flexibility on payment terms if you are purchasing at least 10,000 recipients/year.

What are the other fees involved?
There are no additional fees (like setup or maintenance) beyond the cost of your plan level and any add-on features you've selected.

How long is a contract?
One year.

What happens to the certificates or our account if we don’t continue our subscription?
Issued digital credentials remain active (as long as you have not put an expiration date on them). You would still have access to your platform, but any "add-on" features would be disabled, and you wouldn't be able to issue new digital credentials. If you cancel part way through a year, then we will reduce your issuing allowance pro-rate.

Are plans priced in US dollars?

Can I speak to your Sales team?

If you would like to speak to someone in our sales team, you can contact them through our Sales Webform

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