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How to Build a Professional Pathway

A Professional Pathway helps learners build up the required qualifications to be eligible for a particular job. With our unique new features, you can guide learners to realize their career goals!

This feature is available on our Connect and Growth Plans.

Select your pathway's purpose.

To create a Professional Pathway, visit your Pathways page on the Accredible Dashboard. Select Create Pathway, then tap Pathway. Here, select the Job Title option, then enter a description and skill categories for your new pathway:



After selecting your pathway's purpose,  select a group to issue a credential on pathway completion, then add your items to the nodes. You can now choose different Item Types from the drop-down menu and set them as a required item, an optional item, or helpful information:


Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 17.51.26

These additional features are particularly helpful if, for example, your learners need to take an exam from a third-party provider, they need to master a particular set of skills,  you want to add some optional reading to your node, and so on!

Linked Pathways

If you created different Job Title pathways related to the same field (for example, your learners need to complete all of these pathways for a career progression from a junior to a senior to a managerial or a lead kind of role), you can use Linked Pathways to build up your sequence of pathways.

To use this feature, visit your Pathways page on the Accredible Dashboard. Select Create Pathway, then tap Linked Pathway. 

Enter your pathway's name and description, then add your Job Title pathways.

All your linked pathways will show in a dedicated section of the Pathways page:


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