How to Setup SAML SSO with Accredible

SAML is a great addition to increase security and improve the user experience. Leverage the SAML open standard to streamline authentication for Team Members and End Users.

Note: SAML is an additional feature that is part of the Growth Plan.

Setup SAML

Please reach out to Accredible Support at to start the process of configuring SAML SSO for your account.

Accredible offers SP-initiated SAML login for admins and team members on the Issuer Portal and for end users on the Recipient Portal.

The required information to start the process will include the IdP name, metadata XML, and any custom attribute for email address mapping.


  • Currently, we only support Organization-level SAML
    • Recipients' Credential Wallet will only show the credentials that are associated with that Organization
    • Recipients' Credential Wallet will not show all credentials for all departments, even if it's from the same account
  • Admin SSO will get full unrestricted access based on Team Member permissions. However, Recipients (End User) will have restricted SSO access
    • No access to Account Settings
    • Cannot manually upload credentials to their Wallet
    • Copy my referral link will not work
  • Currently, we do not support SAML logout
    • IdP session will still be signed in
  • Currently, we do not support Custom Attributes for authentication
    • Accredible only uses email addresses for authentication