How Do I Design a Digital Badge?

If you want to create Digital Open Badges to issue to your recipients, here's how to design or upload one.

If you'd like to learn more about what Digital Open Badges are, click here to find out more.

Opening the Badge Builder Studio

1. Click on 'Designs' at the top of your Accredible Dashboard. 

2. Click on the 'Create Badge Design' button at the top right-hand corner of the page. This will open the Badge Builder Studio on a new page.

Screenshot 2019-08-18 at 12.06.03

Building a Badge from Scratch

If you want to create a new badge from scratch, use the following tabs in the sidebar menu to create your perfect badge:


We have 12 backgrounds that are ideal bases for digital badges, chose one and customize it to suit your brand.


Drop-in any text that you wish to appear on your badge. Remember, You don't need to cram loads of text onto your badge. The beauty of digital badges is that wherever they are displayed, a viewer can click on the badge and be taken to the relevant credential view webpage. The credential view page contains all of the information you would like to convey about the recipient, the achievement, and you as the issuer.


Use this function to drop your company's logo or upload a digital badge design that you have created already! 

Icons and Ribbons 

Use these shapes to flesh out your badge's design and give it some flare!


It's now possible to add attributes to Digital Badges. Choose which information you would like to feature on your badge, add in the relevant attribute and watch as the Accredible system automatically fills in the data when your badge is published. For more information on attributes and how they work, click here.

Using Your Own Image as a Design

If you have an image that you would like to use instead of creating a badge in our Badge Builder Studio, here are the specifications for working as a Digital Open Badge.

If you are uploading a badge image:

  • The file must be a PNG 
  • The image must be square (The image file has to be square, but the actual design can be any shape you like.)
  • The image must be at least 256 x 256 pixels in size (But don't make the image too large, as this will cause loading and rendering issues for your recipients).
    The optimal dimension for a badge will is 400 x 400 pixels in size. This is the best image resolution to troubleshoot blurry badges.
Recommended: The background of the image is transparent.

    Use the 'Images' tab to upload your ready-made design, then make sure that it is centered and fills the badge canvas.

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