How to Exclude Courses from Recommendations and CourseFinder

This article will go over the option to remove specific courses from Recommendations or CourseFinder.

As an issuer, you may have courses that you offer to external audiences, such as your customers. Or, you may have internal courses you offer only to your employees. Some issuers may replace a class with new content and therefore not want to promote an outdated course on CourseFinder. Whatever your reason for excluding some of your courses, Accredible offers a simple option to remove specific courses from Recommendations or CourseFinder selectively. 

Excluding Specific Courses from Recommendation Program

Course Exclusions

  1. On the Accredible Dashboard, select your name at the top right of the page.
  2. In the drop-down menu click on 'Settings'. 
  3. On the left-side menu select 'Market My Courses'.
  4. You will then see Course Exclusions
  5. Type the group names you would like to exclude. Select group from matches.

Note: it can take a few hours before the changes to this setting work on the recommendations pool.

Repeat as needed until you have all the groups excluded you intend to exclude.

Competitive Exclusions

Take control of your branded placements by creating and storing a list of direct competitors whose groups should not be returned in recommendations for your recipients. 

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To request that Accredible excludes courses from the Recommendations program, visit here.

Excluding Courses from CourseFinder

There are two levels of exclusion: Exclude all courses or exclude only some courses from CourseFinder.  

Exclude all Courses from CourseFinder

CourseFinder is a public directory available to all visitors. While most issuers want to include all of their courses on CourseFinder to reach individuals who wish to upskill or reskill, others may not. For example, you may only offer proprietary credentialed courses for your employees. Example: Internal safety training or Diversity, Equity, or Inclusion (DEI) courses.  

To make sure none of your courses appear, uncheck the Include my courses on the CourseFinder box.

Exclude only some courses on CourseFinder

First, make sure the Include my courses on CourseFinder box is checked. Next, look at the green information box at the bottom of the page with a link to your group's page. Select My Groups.

Once you enter your group's page, find the group you want to exclude - select Group Settings beneath the credential image.   

See Find Visibility - CourseFinder near the bottom of your Visibility and Marketing page.  Then uncheck the box Include this Group on CourseFinder. 


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