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How to Issue a Batch Of Credentials - Spreadsheet Upload

A CSV, XLS, or XLSX spreadsheet is the best way to create a large number of credentials all in one go with just a few clicks.


Create Credentials for a Single Group

Create Credentials for Multiple Groups

Assign Columns To Attributes

Validate Records

Reviewing Warnings and Errors 

Publish Credentials

Starting the Process

Accredible allows you to create credentials for single or multiple groups to minimize administrative tasks.  You can start the process in two ways:

Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 3.52.41 PM
    1. Select Credentials from the top menu on your Dashboard.
    2. Once on the Credentials List page, click Create Credentials.
    3. In the drop-down, choose either the Single Group or Multiple Group option. 

    If there is a specific Group you are issuing to, the Create Credentials option can also be accessed directly through the Groups page.
    1. Select Groups from the top Menu on your Dashboard.
    2. Once on the Groups page, hover over Group you would like to issue to.
    3. At the bottom right corner of the Group, click Create Credentials.

    Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 5.26.32 PM

    Note: If the Groups are displayed in a list, you will need to select the three vertical dots next to Group Settings to display the Create Credentials option.


    Publish Credentials Using a Spreadsheet Upload

    Because the required fields differ depending on the number of Groups, we will guide you through the steps based on whether you upload a spreadsheet including single or multiple Groups.  


    Create Credentials for a Single Group 


    Under Create Credentials, select For Single Group. A pop-up with a list of Groups will display. Select the Group you would like to issue to.

    Credentials List - Bulk create credentials for single group - select group


    Once the Group is selected, it will take you to a Create Credentials page with two options; Download Spreadsheet Template or Upload Spreadsheet.

    Upload progress

    • Download Spreadsheet Template containing all your required fields and custom attributes for the group.  You can copy your data over to this spreadsheet for easier upload.
      • If you have many attributes on your certificate design, ensure all the relevant information for those attributes appears on your spreadsheet, each with its own column and column heading.
    • Upload Spreadsheet allows you to use your own spreadsheet. Be sure to include the three required columns and corresponding records:  Recipient Name, Recipient Email and Issue Date.  
      • If you do not provide an Issue Date, Accredible will automatically set the Issue Date to the date the credential was created. 

    Note:  Credential creation and publication dates may differ if you delay publishing your created credentials. 


    Create Credentials for Multiple Groups

    Under Create Credentials, select For Multiple Groups

    Accredible provides instant access to all the necessary information for creating credentials for multiple groups with a convenient quick guide.  

    Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 6.58.57 PM

    Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 6.56.26 PM
    • Browse Groups include a listing of all your groups for you to copy the Group IDs.
    • Download Spreadsheet Template is designed for creating credentials for multiple groups and includes a Group ID column.
    • Browse Custom Attributes allows you to access your attribute list for reference if you are using your own spreadsheet. 

    Important Note: When creating credentials for multiple groups, you must include a Group ID along with the Recipient Name and Recipient Email.  


    Assign Columns To Attributes

    Once A spreadsheet has been uploaded, the Accredible system will then analyze and validate it, looking for all the available data fields it can use.  Once the spreadsheet has been validated, you must assign the columns to the correct attributes if the system does not automatically assign them.
    Assign Columns
    There are different required columns when creating credentials for a Single Group vs. Multiple groups.  An alert will display above the columns if you are missing a required field.  You can hover over ‘Required attributes’ to see the list of what is missing.

    Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 7.12.58 PM

    If there is a column that our system has identified that you don't want to use on your credentials, you can click Skip.  


    Once you have assigned or skipped all of the columns, click on the 'Next’ button at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.   If at any point you want to start over,  select re-upload. 

    Important Note: The format of the dates you upload must be either 'MM/DD/YYYY', 'DD/MM/YYYY', or 'YYYY/MM/DD.'  You must also ensure you assign the corresponding format after importing your spreadsheet.  Each group’s date format must be the same and match your chosen format.  

    Regardless of the format you use in the spreadsheet, your date will conform to the format you chose to display on the credential. 


    Validate Records

    During the Validation step, Accredible checks your records for accuracy and reports the number of valid records, which can be created or updated immediately.  

    Bulk create credentials for single group - credit is not enough to publish (1)

    Reviewing Warnings and Errors 

    Records flagged with warnings or errors require more attention.

    Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 6.11.35 PM
    • Warnings are a prompt for you to review specific records.  For example, you may allow duplicate emails in one or more groups.
    • Records with warnings are automatically included with valid records.  If you do nothing, records with warnings will publish at the same time as valid records.Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 6.12.12 PM
    • You can check ‘Exclude records with warnings.'  This allows you to proceed with creating or updating only valid records.

    NOTE: Unlike warnings, Records with errors will need to be corrected before publishing.

    There are two types of invalid records; warnings and errors.  Select the ‘view’ link to the right of either to view a list of each type of invalid records.

    Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 6.37.00 PM

    You’ll notice similar warning or error messages grouped with totals.  You can view each group of consolidated issues on the screen or Download a CSV file.  Grouping and summarizing of errors (1)

    We format warning or error spreadsheets to get you through the process quickly.  This is what you can anticipate:
      • The spreadsheet will contain only the warnings or errors, not valid records.  
      • Your headings will appear in the exact order of your original spreadsheet. 
      • Records or row numbers are organized by message, similar to what you see on screen.  This allows you to address similar issues at the same time rather than searching row by row in your spreadsheet.
      • There is one additional heading to the right of your last column. Under this heading, you will find a specific warning or error message. 

    Once all warnings or errors have been corrected, you can upload your edited spreadsheet to create the related credentials. 

    Publish Credentials

    Choose whether you would like to review these credentials or publish them immediately.  If this is your first spreadsheet upload, we recommend you select ‘Create, but don’t publish’ and then review your credentials.

    Bulk create credentials for single group - validate records - completed

    Depending on the size and complexity of your spreadsheet, it can take several minutes to create or publish credentials for a few hundred or thousand to several hours for tens of thousands of records.  Bulk create credentials for single group - create


    NOTE: You can continue working within your dashboard while your records process. If additional action is required, you’ll see a message with your next steps in the status bar.


    Once the upload is complete, if you created but did not publish your credentials, click “View Unpublished Credentials” This will then take you to a view of all the unpublished credentials.Create credentials complete - time to publish

    This is your chance to confirm everything is displaying correctly and check that there aren’t any mistakes before you publish. To preview how one looks, click on its unique credential ID in the ID column.  

    Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 7.33.11 PM

    On the credential preview page, you can amend any information you added. Easily change the name, email, date, or any other custom attribute data you added if there are any mistakes. Once you’re happy, click on the back arrow above to return to the credential view.

    It’s time to publish your credentials!

    To do this, select the tick box next to the credentials or tick the box at the top to select all and then click ‘Publish’ and finally, click ‘Confirm.’ This will then send all recipients an email giving them access to the live credential.

    publish credentialYou’ve issued your first bulk batch of Accredible credentials. Congratulations!

    Issuing Smaller Numbers of Credentials

    You may not always need to issue large numbers of credentials at a time, in which case it is better to manually input the data for recipients instead of using a spreadsheet. Click here to find out how.

    What's Next?

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