Why Did the Email to My Recipient Bounce?

An email can bounce for a number of reasons.

Important Note: If custom SMTP settings are configured for your Accredible account, email bounces will not be reported on your Accredible Dashboard. For more information on custom SMTP configurations, check out our article here: Can I Send Accredible Emails Through Our Email System?

Identifying a Bounce

  1. At the top of the Accredible Dashboard, click Credentials.
  2. Locate any credentials that have the yellow envelope icon next to them, or filter all credentials using the Bounced status from the dropdown menu.
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Identifying the Cause

To find full details on the bounce reason for the specific credential, click on the Credential ID or click Open on the right-hand side. The bounce reason will be located near the top of the Credential Info View.

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Bounced Address

Some credentials may indicate "Bounced Address" as the reason for the bounced email. This is due to that the email address was previously bounced in the past and has been added to the Bounced Suppression list.

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If you need a more detailed reason why the email was bounced in the past, please contact support@accredible.com so we can provide this information for you. We are able to remove this email from the Bounce Suppression list if you consider this email to be currently valid.

What if I Can't Fix a Bounced Email?

There may be an issue with that recipient's email. It is always a good idea to contact the recipient via another method to see if the issue can be identified and resolved in an alternative way to the ones listed above.

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