How Do I Search for and Filter Recipients' Credentials?

If you have issued hundreds if not thousands of credentials and you need to find specific ones, here's how to easily locate the credentials you need.

Locate Recipients' Credentials

  1. Go to Credentials at the top of the Accredible Dashboard
  2. Using the Search field on the top of the page, you can search by:
    • Recipient Name
    • Email Address
    • Credential ID
    • Recipient ID

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Filtering for Private/Public Credentials

You can limit your search to Public or Private credentials with the Visibility dropdown filter.

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Filter by Custom Attribute Data

You can find credentials based upon any of the data that you uploaded to Accredible via form, spreadsheet, or the API.

To filter credentials that meet specific Custom Attribute criteria:

  1. Click on the Custom Attributes filter, then click Add Search Filter.
  2. Search for an Attribute then select from the dropdown menu.
  3. Enter a value to filter by, then click Add Search Filter.
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Using Additional Filters

You can also use the Search Filters to search for specific collections of credentials.

Groups: Choose groups to narrow down your search for credentials belonging to those specific groups.

Engagement: Filter to view credentials by whether or not your recipients have shared or engaged with their credentials, such as:

  • Viewed
  • Not viewed
  • Engaged
  • Not Engaged
  • Shared on LinkedIn
  • Not Shared on LinkedIn

Status: View all credentials that are in a particular status, such as:

  • Published
  • Unpublished
  • Expired
  • Bounced

Issue Date: Choose a Date Range to see credentials that were issued during a specific time period.

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