How Do I Search for and Filter Recipients' Credentials?

If you have issued hundreds if not thousands of credentials and you need to find specific ones, here's how to easily locate the credentials you need.

Important Note: You'll need permissions to access credentials in order to be able to use this search tool.

Locate Recipients' Credentials

  1. Go to 'Credentials' at the top of the Accredible Dashboard
  2. Using the 'Search' field in the left-hand sidebar menu you can search by:
    • Recipient Name
    • Email Address
    • Credential ID

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Searching for Private/Public Credentials

You can limit your search to public or private credentials by using the search terms 'private:true' or 'private:false'.

  1. Enter 'private:true' or 'private:false into the 'Search' field.
  2. Include any other desired parameters for your search by comma separating the values in the 'Search' field.

Search by Custom Attribute Data

You can find credentials based upon any of the data that you uploaded to Accredible via form, spreadsheet, or the API.

To search based on a specific piece of attribute criteria, provide the attribute name followed by the search term after a colon. Let's say we want to search the 'example_data' field for the text 'some text' we'd search example_data:some text.

  1. Enter example_data:some text into the 'Search' field.
  2. Provide any other desired parameters for your search. Comma separate values in the 'Search' field.

Using Filters

You can also use the Search Filters to search for specific collections of credentials.

Issue Date: Choose a Date Range to see credentials that were issued during a specific time period.

Status: View all credentials that are in a particular status, such as:

  • Published
  • Expired
  • Bounced
  • Unpublished

Engagement: Filter to view credentials by whether or not your recipients have shared or engaged with their credentials.

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