How to Set Up Scheduled Issuing on Salesforce

We've established the integration. Now it's time to set up a schedule for when Accredible creates credentials using data from Salesforce.

Important: If you haven't set up the integration between Salesforce and Accredible yet, please see our article How Do I Set Up an Integration with Salesforce and Accredible? before proceeding.

Setting Up Scheduled Issuance on Salesforce

  1. Navigate to the Installed Packages panel on your Salesforce account.
  2. Under the section titled Metadata Components Included in Package, open the provided template named Accredible Scheduled Issue Credential MODIFY BEFORE USE.
  3. The following flow diagram will appear.
  4. Click the green play button that indicates the start of the Flow.
  5. Click Edit for Flow Starts and Frequency to align the flow with when and how often you want to issue credentials to qualified contacts. For instance: if you wish to issue credentials to newly qualified contacts every day at mid-day, set the Flow Start to today's date, the time to 12:00, and the frequency to 'Daily'. If you wish to issue more frequently than daily, you can duplicate the Accredible Scheduled Issue Credential MODIFY BEFORE USE  template and configure each flow to start at different times of the day.

  6. Once you have selected the Start Date, Start Time, and Frequency, click Done.
  7. Next in the Start options, click Edit next to Object and Conditions.
  8. The Object is the table within Salesforce that you wish to pull your contact records from. Select this in the Object field in the Choose Object and Filter Conditions window that appears.
  9. The Conditions are the requirements for the contacts within the Object table that make them eligible for a credential to be issued. For instance, do you wish to issue to every single record in the table, or just records with certain conditions? For more information regarding Condition Requirements for Salesforce Flows, here is Salesforce's handy guide with more information.
  10. Once you have set your Object and your Conditions for the flow, click Done.
  11. Navigating back to the flow diagram, you will see options called Get Records and Pause. Don't worry about these, they are already set up for you as part of the template package.
  12. Click on the Apex Action step. This is where you will do your data field mapping.
  13. Click Edit Element.
  14. Important: Do not edit the text within APIKey or region fields of this Edit section.
  15. Under groupID, reference the Group ID of the Accredible group that you would like to issue credentials from for your Salesforce data.
    1. If you are going to issue all your Salesforce credentials from the same group, you can enter a specific Group ID into this field.
    2. If you are going to be issuing credentials from different groups in Accredible, be sure to include Group IDs for each contact as a value within your table object.
  16. The remaining fields in this section can be configured to pull data from any field in your table object.

Updating Your Salesforce Contact with Their Credential URL

If you wish to update your contacts with the URL of their issued credential, follow these additional steps: 

  1. Navigate to the Apex Action of this flow if you are not already on it.
  2. Scroll down until you see the Advanced option and click to reveal further options.
  3. Check the box named Manually assign variable 
  4. Under Store Output Values, in the field named responseURL, enter the field in your Salesforce contact that you want to be updated with the URL of the credential. Click Done
  5. Navigate back to your flow and select the Update Records element, click Edit Element
  6. Identify which field in your Salesforce contact should receive the URL. In the screenshot below, you will see the example “Accredible_URL__c” as the selected field, but you will want to edit this to the field your choosing.
  7. Click Done

That's it! You can now issue Accredible Credentials through Salesforce.

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