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How to start reporting from Accredible

Metrics you can report back to the rest of your organization.

We want you to understand (and communicate back to the rest of your organization) how your credentials are being interacted with. Here are some numbers that Accredible provides that we recommend keeping track of and sharing regularly. If you want a reporting template, or need specific data for your reporting, contact us directly.

Basic metrics to report - Issuance

We recommend including how many credentials (certificates and/or badges) you've created in a few different time periods to show how your account activity has changed over time.

Credentials issued - last 30 days / last quarter / all time

This lets you compare the current period of reporting to all-time numbers or the previous quarter.

We also suggest including the number of unique recipients. Since an individual can receive several credentials from you, this may be a better way to track your program's growth.

Unique recipients - all time

Do you need a specific date range? You can filter all data on the analytics section of Accredible by date range.

Engagement metrics

You also want to let others in your organization know how much your credential recipients are interacting with their credentials.

These can be found on the 'Engagement' tab of your analytics section. You will likely want to mention how many credentials were seen by the recipient and how many were engaged of the ones you sent.

Of the 43 credentials issued in our example, we have the following engagement rates:


22/43 Recipients opened and viewed their credentials. 8 of those 22 also downloaded their certificate as a PDF, 5 shared on LinkedIn, and 1 recipient added theirs to LinkedIn.

You can also show how your engagement rates compare to some Accredible-wide averages by consulting this reference article.

Credentials issued / credentials viewed / engagement types


COMING SOON: You will see on the analytics page how your engagement metrics compare to the rest of Accredible issuers so you can improve them over time.

Group by group reporting

If you have particular credentials that you want to keep an eye on - new certification programs or higher-stakes certifications that take longer to earn - you may want to report on these groups in particular.

In the analytics section, you can filter by specific groups to compare your rates between groups.

You can open multiple browser tabs for each group you want specific data on and compare them side-by-side.

Do you want specific metrics for your reporting?

We want to provide more helpful information about your credentials, so your program can continue to grow and succeed in spreading your brand.

Is there data you would like to see from Accredible that you can use to relay information to other people in your organization?

Submit a Feature Request for Analytics Dashboard