Which Fonts Can I Use for Recipient Emails?

Be careful with the type of font and content your use in your email templates, they might not be compatible with your recipients' email clients.

The majority of email clients (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) don't support all of the content possible to see in an internet browser webpage. Web browsers can display HTML content such as custom fonts, animations, and graphics filters. A typical email inbox can't handle this kind of content.

Which Fonts Work for Most Emails?

The vast majority of email clients do not support web fonts. Instead, all email clients will support the same set of web-safe fonts. These are common on any device: Arial, Georgia, Monospace, Times New Roman, Verdana.

Which Fonts Can I Use for My Accredible Emails?

When emails from Accredible show up in Outlook or Gmail, the email client restricts which fonts can be shown, even if you have the recipient has that font installed on their device. To ensure that your emails will appear predictably, no matter what email client your certificate and badge holders use, we restrict your font selection to 'web-safe fonts.'

These fonts are:





Times New Roman


How Do I Change the Font?

To change the font used in your outgoing emails from Accredible's system:

  1. Open the Main Menu by clicking on your name at the top right-hand corner of the Accredible dashboard, then click 'Settings.'
  2. In the left-hand sidebar menu, click, under 'Brand Customisation,' click 'Email Branding/Appearance.
  3. In the lefthand panel of the email appearance editor, under 'Main Content,' use the 'Font' drop-down menu to select one of the web-safe fonts for your emails.
  4. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the lefthand panel of the email appearance editor.

Important Note: Even if you use a custom font on Accredible, you cannot use it in emails as it will not be web-safe. 

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