How to Use Font Selection for Emails

Available fonts for emails

The majority of email clients don't support all of the HTML content you can see in your web browser. Web browsers are able to display custom fonts, animations, and graphics filters, while your typical email inbox just can't handle that content.

What fonts work with emails?

Emails can load in a lot of different places and they're all going to have different support: you may send your email template to someone who uses or Gmail, or Outlook, or opens the email on their phone with Android or iOS. The vast majority of email clients do not support web fonts. Instead, all email clients will support the same set of web-safe fonts. These are common on any device: Arial, Georgia, Monospace, Times New Roman, Verdana.

What fonts can I use for my Accredible emails?

Our certificate designer gives you a long list of fonts that we can load in to show on your certificates since websites are not restricted with what fonts can be displayed.

However, when your emails show up in Outlook or Gmail, they restrict which fonts can be shown, even if you have the font installed on your device. To ensure that your emails are going to appear predictably no matter what email client your certificate and badge holders use, we restrict your font selection to 'web-safe fonts'.

Below is the comparison of the font lists you can use between the certificate design and the email settings.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 4.45.54 PM