How Do I Verify a Credential?

Fraudulent claims on resumes are more common than you may think, so proving that a Digital Credential is genuine and valid is extremely important. Here is how to verify a credential.

Important Note: If you uploaded a credential to Accredible and it has a yellow 'Unverified' label on it, please check out our article here: Why Does My Uploaded Credential say Unverified?

The Credential View

This is the webpage that a unique credential is hosted on. You can find this webpage if you have the relevant URL for the credential you are looking for, or if the credential view as been embedded on another webpage.

  1. Click on the 'Verify' button to the right of the image of the Certificate or Badge.
  2. Our system will then run through the checks to make sure that the credential is genuine and still valid. 

Verify Credential Page

The Accredible Verification Tool

You can go straight to our Verification Tool and use this to ascertain whether a digital credential has been legitimately published from our system. There are three verification methods.

Credential Link

If you know the URL of the credential you would like to verify, input this it the field shown and click 'Verify'.

Credential ID No.

If you know the ID No. of the credential you would like to verify, input this it the field shown and click 'Verify'.

Open Badge Image Upload / How to Verifying a Badge

If you have seen an open badge that you want to check is real, you can copy and upload that badge to our Verification Tool, it will read the meta-data in that badge image and be able to tell you if it is genuine or not.

An Issuer's Directory

If the issuer of the credential has a Recipient Directory you can use this to search for the individual you are looking to verify.

Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 15.47.24

Verifying a Hardcopy Certificate with a QR Code

If the certificate you are looking to verify is not in digital form but printed out in hardcopy, if it has a QR code it can still be verified. Use a QR reader on a smartphone to scan the QR code on the certificate. This will take you straight to the Credential View where you can use the big green 'Verify' button to check the certificate.

What Happens If the Credential Can't Be Verified?

If our system does cannot verify the credential you will see this message:

Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 15.59.22-1

This means that the credential you are looking for was not created by our system, and we are therefore unable to confirm that it is genuine and valid.

Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 15.56.27

If the credential was created by Accredible's system but is no longer valid, the recipient can't be verified or the issuer is not currently verified the tool will display this in the results.

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