I Can't See My Credentials in My Wallet

Have you logged in to your credential wallet and found it empty? The answer is likely to be your email address.

If you've logged in to www.credential.net expecting to see a certificate or a full credential wallet and instead discovered an empty one, do not panic. Your credentials have not disappeared. The most common reason for this problem is that recipients log in using the wrong email address.

Which Email Address Should I Use?

You should use the email address that your certificate link was originally sent to you with. When digital credentials are created, they are attached and sent to a specific email address. Your certificate will remain attached to this email address unless you specifically ask for it to be changed.

When you sign in to www.credential.net with an email address, the Accredible system will gather all the digital credentials associated with that address and display them together in a credential wallet.

An Example

If John Doe takes a course that he signed up for using his work email address (j.doe@work.com), his digital certificate link will be sent through his work email.

If John then tries to sign in to www.credential.net with his personal email address (john@privateme.com), because that is the one that he would like to use to access his certificate going forward, a new credential wallet will be created. Because there are no credentials on Accredible's system attached to the email address john@privateme.com the credential wallet that John just signed in to will appear empty.

If John logs out and then logs back in using j.doe@work.com, he will then see his credential wallet with his certificate in it.

If John wants to use his private email address to access his certificate in the future, he will need to contact the school or company that he earned the certificate and ask them to change the email address attached to his certificate.

Finding the Right Email Address

If you are unsure which email address your credentials are attached to, you can go to credential.net/retrieve-credentials and enter any of your available email addresses. If there are credentials attached to that email address, we will email a list of them to you.

I Want to Change the Email Address Attached to My Credential

How to change your email address attached to your credential.

When to Contact Accredible Support

If you are still unable to see or access your credentials after trying to sign in with the correct email address, please contact us at Customer Support.

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