Letting My Recipients Know About Accredible

How Will My Recipients Know What Accredible Is?

Receiving a credential from Accredible out of the blue might cause your recipients to be a little bit confused about who Accredible is, and why they are receiving their credential email from us. In order to give your recipients confidence about the features and security of their new credentials, we recommend adding some content to your website that will communicate this to them.

We've prepared some content to make this easy for you. You can copy and paste the content at this link: https://www.accredible.com/accredible-partnership-info/ into a page on your website that you can direct your recipients to. This will go a long way to reassuring them that Accredible credentials are being issued on your behalf.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 4.47.34 PM

Here is a great example that has added images and customized the content to convey they features they feel are more important.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 4.48.09 PM

If you don't have immediate access to your website files, or the ability to update them, you should consider directing your recipients toour pagethat explains what an Accredible credential is, and what the benefits are over a paper certificate. We like the content on our page, and think it's useful, but it looks like our web page, not like yours, so it might be confusing to some of your recipients. It will definitely help to point your recipients towards this page, but it would be best to have the content on your page if at all possible.